April 4, 2015

Murder Island Update #4

Note: I'm still look for some feedback for my Murder Island demo, so if you would like to play the game and tell me what you think that would be awesome! You can email me ( team at sharkarmstudios.com ) and I'll send you the demo.

It's been a while since I posted an update on Murder Island. Since the last post I've mainly just been testing the demo and making changes to improve it as much as possible.

Here's some of the major design changes I made to the demo since last time:
- New stats: aim and spirit.Aim affects ranged items like guns and spirit affects mystical items which rely on the user's spiritual power.
- Items now have a stat type. The stat type affects the base damage of the item and also which stats level up.
- Units now have item proficiencies. The more they use a type of item the higher their chances of success with that item type when used.
- Food and item gathering no longer relies on a roll for success. If a unit searches for food or items they are always successful.
- There now 3 different ways to run from battle. Regular, desperate (higher run chance, drops item), and extreme (always runs, must sacrifice a unit).

I now finally have the game at a point where I'm pretty happy with the main design of the game. So I've started moving on and adding in the rest of the content of the game. Since the demo contained the first island, I have the remaining 3 islands to add content for. At minimum I am planning to have 10 enemy types, 1 boss, and 8 special areas for each island.

 I'm planning on spending one month per island to create all the content. It's finally starting to feel like there is an end in sight for this game. Whenever I'm focusing on just creating content it makes it feel like the game is coming together really fast. I've already got a good amount of the content for island 2 created. Here is a sneak peak at some of the map tiles.

That's it for now. Check back for updates!


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