November 5, 2014

Murder Island Update #3

Time for a Murder Island update.

 I finally managed to get the demo finished. Or beta. Beta demo. Maybe alpha. I'm not sure what it's called, I'm not very good at knowing what the version names mean. Right now I have about 25% of the game completed in terms of content. You can play from start to finish of the first island. Now that all of the elements of the game are in I can finally test the game as it is supposed to be played with all the different components working together. My goal now is to continually play test and update the game until I get the feel of this first section of it exactly how I want it. My main focuses will be on the design of the game (fixing the rules of how everything works), balancing, and fixing the user interface (it is so bad right now!)

So here is the updated version of the map. I now have in some actual graphics instead of only colored squares:

I also added in some special locations you can find besides the standard plains, forests, and beaches. You may come across helicopter crashes, hunting cabins, ninja dojos, and other places where you can find unique items and events that may help or provide extra challenges to you along the way.

I also added in an intro sequence that briefly explains the story behind the game and states your goal. Here are a couple of my favorite panels from it:

Ok, well that's all for this post. Check back for more updates.


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