September 8, 2012

Comrades Milestone 3, Milestone 3.5, and Update

Comrades Milestone the Third

I reached milestone 3 for Comrades a very long time ago now (it's been over a month since my last update!) The third milestone mainly consisted of the world generation. Here's what was included in the third milestone for the game:

-4 zone types
-2 enemy types for each zone
-random spreading of each zone throughout world
-unique tileset for each zone
-barriers and blockades between areas
-treasure boxes and items generating in the world
-basic weapons and items

 Comrades Milestone the Third Point Fifth

I have not yet completed the forth milestone, but I'm about half way there. I haven't made that much progress lately thanks to a few new things that popped up (more below). Here is what I managed to complete so far with the 4th milestone:

-Dungeon generation
-Gates between dungeon worlds and the overworlds
-3 basic soldier enemies: solider, soldier attack dog, soldier robot
-Dungeon paths created from start to end
-Rescue prisoner at end



I'm putting the Comrades project on hold because of a couple of projects I need to finish first. The main project we need to finish within the next month is the xbox version of Fins & Flippers for entry into the Independent Game Festival. It is mostly complete but we want to add in some polish and a little bit of variation in gameplay.

I've also been working on some new, and updated versions of my game engine. I'm working on a new version of my C++ engine (using openGL and SDL) that will hopefully be a lot better written and easier to use. I'm also making this version of the engine much more portable to other platforms.

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