July 13, 2012

Comrades Milestone 1

I reached the first milestone of the game that I'm working on solo, which I'm calling "Comrades" for the time being. Nate and I have decided to each make our own games where we will do both the coding and artwork for completely on our own. Nate's game is the Arctic Space Monkeys game which you can check out on the post below.

The game started as me wanting to create a game like Zombies Ate My Neighbors that uses some rougelike elements (the name "Comrades" comes from the joke name "Mutants Ate My Comrades" which I was calling it at first.) I was having a hard time figuring out what I wanted the game to be, and when I didn't like where it was going, I changed it completely. Now instead of a real time shooter, its a turn based rougelike.

I wanted to make a rougelike that uses more exploring instead of starting at dungeon floor 1 and going to the bottom. So for Comrades, I created a Zelda like overworld that the player explores in. The overworld itself is not meant to be too dangerous, but it contains the dungeons that the player is trying to find. I'm planning on having three dungeons that the player can go to in any order.

So I hit milestone 1 today, which is the most basic bare-bone version of the game. I started doing milestones in projects, with each milestone being a complete game (you can win or lose.) The first milestone is obviously the most basic version of the game. I like setting up check points this way because then you can make sure you get all the essentials in the game first and then built up all the cool details along the way.
The first milestone has:

-3 types of enemies
-enemies can kill you (lose game)
-you can kill enemies
-basic level generation
-3 area types
-basic enemy AI
-rescue survivors (win game)

So now with the first milestone in place, I have the basic system ready and I can start adding some cool stuff in. For my next milestone, I will be fleshing out the procedurally generated areas a bit and adding in new weapons and items for the player to find and use.

Check back soon for updates.

- Curt

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