October 28, 2011

Get 3 Coffins Ready

Or maybe just one for now.

October 18, 2011

Chicken Bandit #11: Beta 2!

The game is finished! For the most part. We finished up the entire story mode last night, in time for the IGF deadline. I'm very happy with how the whole thing turned out, it is definitely our best game yet. We are still going to take a couple more weeks to make some changes based on feedback, create a cool trailer, and add in some extras to the game.

Current Game Features:

-20 stages
-4 separate 'worlds'
-16 different enemies (including 4 bosses)
-11 types of upgrades
-Options Menu (complete with customizable sound options (on or off))

If anybody would like to take the full game for a spin, let me know! It would be very helpful to get your feedback! You could leave a comment below or shoot me an email at (team@sharkarmstudios.com)


October 17, 2011

Chicken Bandit #10: All Levels Complete

All the levels in the game are now complete. They've been done for probably around 24 hours now and we mostly have been working on fixing up animations and a bunch of little things. I just played the game the whole way through for the first time and I am really really happy with how it is turning out. It was originally designed to be a somewhat small game and somehow sneaked up on us and turned into this monster it is today.

As it is right now, it takes about 40-60 minutes for me to play through main game. I'm also assuming the game is incredibly difficult because I had a little bit of a hard time beating some of the levels and I (unsurprisingly) became very good at the game after testing it a million times.

So once we have the IGF Version of the game ready, it would be a great time to have some people test the game the whole way through. So if you would like to do some testing for us, let us know!


October 6, 2011

Chicken Bandit #9: Mega Worm

Working on the 3rd world boss, who looks a little something like this:

October 2, 2011

Chicken Bandit #8: Tie me up! Untie me!

Thanks to everyone who tested the demo of the game! We got a lot of great feedback and already made some great changes.

We've also been working really hard on the content in the game since the release of the demo. The second world is now completely put together putting us officially at 50% content complete. In reality, we are actually a lot farther than that, because we already have most of the pieces done for the last 2 worlds even though they aren't yet put together in their final form. We should be at (or very very close to) 100% by the end of next weekend or we are dead. And by that I mean that somebody is actually going to start murdering members of our team until we are both unalive.

A new enemy: a femme-bot who lassos you!

Sorry guys, I can't hang out. I'm a little tied up.

We also have a lot of other new enemies in. I'd like to introduce you to another one of them. Say hello to my little friend (fren):

I'd like to post more but I've gotta get back to work!


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