June 15, 2011

Site Remixed!

Our website has just been redone with a new header image. We're pretty sure none of you knew that the About, Games, and Etc. words in the old header image were actually links to different sections of the website. Well, now you can look through the rest of the site. The games page will be updated so it looks much more appealing and well probably add a few old games and prototypes that we never really finished for you to check out.
Here's some ninja turtles I drew in the mean time. (I mean nice time)(I nice nice time?)

More updates on the chicken bandit game will be coming. ...Also GrandFeather is not dead.


  1. Nice new site layout. Its good to hear Grand Feather is not dead. Do you guys plan on releasing a possible demo!

  2. Yeah there will probably be a demo, hopefully this fall!

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