June 13, 2011

Chicken Bandit

Railroad's first checkpoint game has been reached. The basics of the main part of the game (robbing the train) are all done. I just recently started setting up checkpoints for the games I'm working on, and a full list of every specific thing that needs to be finished to complete the checkpoint. This makes it way easier to stay on task and makes me wonder why I never thought of something so simple before. It is much easier than my other development strategy, which was basically "think of something that isn't done yet and do it."

So basically what was finished with the first checkpoint:

-Player movement with accelerometer
-Shooting gun and reloading
-Lassoing objects on the train. Works by clicking the player and dragging to the object you want to grab. Once the object is lassoed, you must tap the object repeatedly until it is pulled off the train. Heavier objects take longer to pull down.
-Money collection
-Different train car types
-Simple enemy. Pops out from the top of train and windows and shoots at the player.
-Health system and dying.
-End of train sequence with round statistics (basic for now.)

And here is the main character sprite in action, The Chicken Bandit:

I also worked a lot on the game engine to make sure that it works correctly on as many devices as possible. The game should scale to any screen size, and have letterboxes to maintain the aspect ratio.

The next checkpoint involves the world map, visiting locations, and purchasing upgrades for your character.


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