June 6, 2011

Action 52 Owns Launcher

I decided that it was finally time to do a launcher program for the Tigsource Action 52 Owns Project. It only took a couple of hours and still has some features to be implemented and polishing to be done, but the core functionality should all work.

158 MB

Contains all games completed in the project so far.


  1. The only problem is that the marks - for example the dots - are missing. If you fix this small grammatical glitch, it'll be purr-fect!

  2. I would also like to add some new found problems with the launcher:

    Star Evil: "Bring back the night" instead of "Bring back the light", as the game is about a star which gets constantly bigger and brighter, so this is a typo.

    Sombreros: Too many G-s at the "get" word.

    Jigsaw: I know you wanted to stick to the original, but if Streemerz and City of Doom got a new description (not the one which came with the original Action 52 cartridge), this also should be rewritten (although since the original manual titles this as a puzzle game, it's not that big of a flaw).

    But, as I said, all dots, commas, apostrophes etc. are missing. You should correct this.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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