January 22, 2011

Caveman Basketball Begins!

We started a new game a couple days ago, currently called Caveman Basketball! It will be a 2vs2 basketball game set in prehistoric times that allows up to 4 players (network or local.) It is going to be our entry in Tigsource's Versus competition which started about a week ago. Here is our Tigsource entry post and a couple early game sprites:

The ultimate Prehistoric 2vs2 B-Ball showdown! Grab your cave-jersey and tie up your loin cloth because this is going to be one boulder-shattering game!

-Naturally select your B-Ball players (Cavemen, Cavewomen, Dinos, Dinowomen, and more)
-Visit prehistoric B-Ball courts, referenced from ancient archeological B-Ball sites that may or may not have actually existed
-Matches take place before the emergence of the concept of "unsportman-like conduct", so anything can happen (clubs, boulders, slingshots, fists, claws, etc.)
-Slam dunk your way to the top and leave your opponents for extinction


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