January 15, 2011

Award Winning Game: City of Doom

I can now official say that City of Doom is an award winning game. I received an email from Softpedia today declaring that City of Doom has passed all of its tests and has been awarded the "100% CLEAN" Softpedia award. That's amazing. Really it is, I don't even know what to say. I wasn't expecting this. I have so many people to thank, so many people that helped us out along our journey. In case you aren't observing our live webcam right now, I'm starting to tear up a bit. I wonder when they send us our trophy?

I'm not quite certain if the "100% CLEAN" award is in reference to there being no viruses in the program or the fact that there aren't any nude people in the game. If it's the former, I'm glad to see that my hand didn't slip while writing the game and accidentally write code to redirect the user's homepage to viagra.com. If it's the latter, it's probably a good thing I never added the feature into the game where you can peek in a window and see a dude on the toilet.

Unfortunately, a hidden frame in Bravehorse would prevent that game from getting the same award.

Our game was also added to the Softpedia database "featured with a description text,
screenshots, download links and technical details". Well from the looks of it the description text is ripped directly from the earlier post on the site which the first line reads:

"In case you didn't see before, City of Doom is another Action 52 Remake like our previous game Mash Man."

It is taken out of context from a blog post on the site and now reads as if City of Doom is so popular that you are some sort of cave-dwelling idiot if you have not heard of it yet (this may or may not be the context that I was going for when I originally wrote it.)

This is a great day for all SharkArm developers everywhere. We finally have an award winning game that we can use to brag about and let other people know we are better than them. This is the best day of my life!

The Softpedia City of Doom page is here.


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