December 28, 2010

City of Doom Released!

"While scaling the city skyscrapers to rid the city of the evil insect
plague, you better shoot well and accurately because the fall is a long way
down." -Action 52 Manual

It is finally here. City of Doom is now complete.

Programming by Curt Kling
Art and Animation by Nate Kling
Music by pgil

In case you didn't see before, City of Doom is another Action 52 Remake like our previous game Mash Man (see for details about the Action 52 Owns project).

Here is the video of the ORIGINAL City Of Doom game on the Action 52 cartridge:

Hopefully you will find our take on the game a bit more enjoyable than the original.

A few more screenshots from our version of the game:

Let us know what you think!

Download Link


  1. Nice game, i love the Game Boy Look! :)

    Which engine / tool / language was used to make this game? I need this information for my german indiegames site

  2. I love me some Action 52 remakes (my review of a few of the betters ones).
    Giving this one a try.

  3. Thanks for trying our game!

    @Stefan: The game was written in C++ with openGL using my own game engine. We used the tile level editor I originally wrote for our other game, Grand Feather, to design the levels.

  4. Great game!
    But, the controls are hard. It is difficult when there is many enemy on the screen, to know when fire, when move AND remember that if you move you can`t shoot. Because there isn't a save it makes the game kinda cruel.
    On the second boss I couldn't see the bullets before was too late (the bullets that are on the boss are invisible) loosing 6~8 lives just because of that.

    BUT, this game is very nostalgic and fun to play, it is really like I am playing an old game, but a MUCH BETTER game than the original.
    Also, I liked how you guys re-design the game, the art, the mechanics and the concept.

  5. Very nice game! I love it! Retro and very funny and cool... But, after I kill the second Boss, the game closes alone. This isn't normal... right?

  6. Nice game, I like the graphics. The controls take a while to master, but it's not a problem.

    One question, how do I change back from fullscreen to windowed?

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    @Matheus: The game isn't supposed to crash. A few people have been having some crashing errors that I'm looking into at the moment.

    @Randomasta: There isn't a way to change back to windowed besides exiting and then reopening.

    Thanks for playing!

  8. So basically, I have the same problem as matheus, but mine only shows a white box and then closes.

  9. Love it. Awesome! Great work Shark Arm Bros!

  10. Thanks for creating this awesome remake! :-) Myself personally, I thought the controls were offbeat without being counter-intuitive. What makes this game so good is that the gameplay is fast-paced enough, and the controls are just as responsive as they need to be. My only complaint with the game is that Level 3 got tedious and slow-paced near the end, though it picked back up afterwards with a show-stopping final boss.

    Hope to see more from you guys in the future. :-)

  11. Pretty awesome game. One minor bug though (no, not the enemy bugs)- the game crashes after I advance to level 2 from the first boss.

    The flamethrower is pretty cheap but it's a lifesaver against the turret guys and the "tank" bugs, both of which spam shots.

    First boss isn't too hard once you know how to make it misfire. The falling blocks attack isn't hard to avoid too.

    Second boss' "crosshair" move was pretty cool. It got me the first time I saw it.

    3rd boss reminds me of Contra III: The Alien Wars' final boss, it puts you into a "scenario" where you have to kill something/avoid stuff.

    To sum it up: Contra + climbing = THIS ! =D

  12. ZOMG this game iz so great! It's a MILLION and TWO times better than the original, you guyz at SharkArm did an outstandingly good job! I complited City of Doom a million times since, so I decided I'll write a short overview 'bout the small flaws and mysteries I noticed during gameplay. Care to answer me these?

    - The first level should be longer, as the start of da level should be at the street level, at da very bottom. I noticed that y'don't really start from da streetz, but y're already on da wall. How did y'get there? So ye, I'd make the level start from da streetz.

    - If not used together wit' da Action 52 OWNZ Launcher, the game crashes when y'select the level u want to start at. If u run da game wit' da launcher, it workz fine.

    - Doez the hero have a name, or some backstory? I'd love to hear why did he choose to rid the city of the evil insectz plague, who gave him the mission etc.

    - The building windowz look more like ice (they don't have frames and such), y'should have make'em look like windowz more. Perhaps y'could even make'em to be deadly to touch, which makes sense as y'can't have a grip on the smooth window surface, so if y'climb onto it, you die.

    - Parts of da building (around the second level) should resemble a normal building a lil'bit after all. Overall I love all three levelz, I just noticed that very few partz of da building actually resembles an average skyscraper. Y'know, windowz above each other, and such. Just had to say that.

    - The small buglets comin' from da Hornetz and Hornet Nestz are seem to be bugged (yuh, pun intended!) Even if they touch you, they won't cause any harm and eventually they'll die by themselves. Wuz this intentional or not?
    Same goez for those Locust like monsturz at the second level which deploy some kind of nest below themselves, and just sit there afterwardz. Neither the Locust, nor the webbing killz me, just tested it.

    - Who are those peoplez who keep chucking projectiles at me out of them holes? I noticed they are not bugz, but humanz, so they should be helpin' me instead...

    - What happenz after da ending exactly? The guy really fallz down the skyscraper at the end and dies? Because it makes the ending quite sad, all his efforts were in vain...


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