October 2, 2010

State of the City of Doom

Alright, time for another City of Doom update. The game has pretty much been done for about 3 weeks now. The main problem I'm running into is with the final boss. I've been working on him for a while but I can't seem to come up with anything that I like. None of the attacks or anything are good enough for a final boss to have. I've been trying to play it through in my head (it's nice to have infinite extra guys in my head) and come up with something, but I'm still stumped.

The other problem here is lack of inspiration. After working all week on stupid mindless homework assignments and other monotonous assorted school-related programming tasks, all my creativity is completely dead by the weekend, whenever I have time to work on anything. On the bright side though, this is a great sign that my schooling is effective and accomplishing all it's goals. My transformation is almost complete into a coding robot who takes orders and has no ideas of his own. I can't wait till that day (the one where I finally become a robot), I'll be able to eat batteries and finally have a dance that I'm able to do.


It will be finished soon!
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