July 10, 2010

City Of Doom

I think that it is time for an update. Since last time, we worked on Grand Feather a little bit, but mainly we have been working on another Action 52 remake, City of Doom.

work in progress title screen.

The original City of Doom features a man climbing up a giant building that is so tall that it eventually leads into space. He is attacked by bugs that he must fight off with his spray can. He also has to dodge what appears to be bowling balls that fall from the sky. And that's about it. Here's a video of the original:

We are taking the basic concept of this game, but also making a few changes:

-we are using the gameboy color pallete.

-instead of using an aerosol spray can to fight off enemies, you use a gun (we thought it would be more enviornmentally friendly that way.)

-the bugs you have to fight are bigger and more alien-like.

-you can fire in 8 different directions

-we are trying to make it fun

Here is a mockup of what it might look like once all graphics assets are in:

The graphics have actually changed a lot since then, but you get the idea. Here is a small animated screen shot to show what the game looks like in its current state:

We are not too far away from finishing this small game so make sure you check back soon for updates.
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