June 4, 2010

Mash Man

Download Link.

We finally finished Mash Man, our entry to the Action 52 Owns game jam over at Tigsource. The idea behind Action 52 Owns is that 52 game developers each sign up to do a remake of one game on the original NES "Action 52" cartridge. It was one cartridge that had 52 games on it and to quote wikipedia:

"It was initially sold for the comparatively high price of US$199 (or "less than $4 for each game")and became notorious among gamers for the abysmal and terrible quality of its games."

The task of the Action 52 Owns developers is to recreate the games, only this time, not have them be completely terrible.

The game we chose was Mash Man. Here is a video of the original game we were to remake.

Looks like fun, doesn't it?

So as you can see, the original just required the player to move right, jump over tacks and spikes, and occasionally mash (jump on) strange eye ball creatures. It wasn't much to work with in terms of gameplay, so we decided to focus more on the mood that the original game sets. As a result, we did not try to make the game too hard or challenging, but it is to be more about the story and the overall experience.

The game is pretty short so it won't take long if you want to try it out. It also uses Grand Feather's engine, so it will be nice to see how well it runs on other computers.

We collaborated with a couple people for this game:

Vinh Duong - Helped us with some additional artwork.
C418 - Created the music.

Download Link.

It took us a bit longer than we wanted to finish this game, but we are finished now so back to working on Grand Feather!
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