February 14, 2010

Inside the Walls of Slime

Been working on the insides of the slime cave recently. I always forget how long it takes to create the levels after I haven't worked on a new one in a while. I haven't made any animated screenshots in a while so I'll post some of those!

Some flying eyeball guys and an immobel slime monster who will eventually have slimey veins that connect to a door that will be open when you kill it.

One of the tunneling monsters who lives in the slime caves. He is so scary that I can't even work on parts with him unless it's during the day time.

We also finally got in some of the real graphics for the 'life bar' that you can see at the top of the 1st picture. We tried to make the health system unique by using different foods that you find throughout the world for your health. Different foods give you different amounts of health, like the apple/tomato type food shown here can only take 1 hit, but getting a banana would give you 3 extra hits. You will start the game with 3 slots for health and you will be able to find plant seeds which will allow better food to grow in the 'safe gardens'.

That's it for now, keep checking for updates! I think nate's going to be doing another interview real soon, so come on back!


  1. Hey guys, this is looking great. One thing I think you -definitely- should add, even though it might be a lot of work (but will totally be worth it!) is giving the walls and ground a lot more movement and stimulation. I think of slime as liquidy, gooey stuff, and I want to see the ceiling dripping everywhere, and maybe even the occasionally pile on the ground that will squish as you walk by it. Then again, if you plan on finishing this game sometime this millenia, maybe you shouldn't take my suggestions XD

  2. tunneling monster is awesome

  3. Awesomesauce, guys! :)

    I look forward to both the demo and completed versions. ^_^

  4. Yeesh, talk about brutality. You knock a beastie out only to obliterate it into nothingness when it's defenseless...

    ... which is cool.


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