September 28, 2009

Upcoming Designs

Oh how the time flies by and no posts are made to this blog, such a sad thing. Well heres a new post. Some concepts for the game and one of those concepts realized into pixel art (not going to show you the animation or explain him yet though)

I started working on some ideas for housing for the creatures who inhabit the island. We are trying to stay away from any kind of cliche designs, and if we do use a common game convention we are working hard to make it unique.

These are some quick enemy designs I drew out tonight. Im trying all different kinds of shapes and trying to stay away from common enemy designs.
And one of the concepts colored in and already in a pose holding an innocent rabbit by the throat.


  1. Here in Norway, a man would be jailed for pinching the rabbits throat, but only if a patrolman sights you ;]

  2. Good point. Lucky for him I haven't programmed in the Norwegian Patrol Officer yet.

  3. The designs are awesome. Truly original.


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