April 10, 2009

Large Update

Hello all! Sorry for the long dark period without any updates but hopefully I will be update you all on the news (this is going to get very emotional so keep your tissue box close).

First of all we went through a bit of a name change. Our team will now be know as Shark Arm Studios (if you haven't been able to figure that part out yet.) The name change was almost as maraculous as the Saul->Paul change, but instead of a falling off a horse to a booming voice we just decided we wanted to change our name.

Along with our name change we also have a new team member, Lynn:

Don't worry, Peta, it's not real fur (but on an unrelated note I did hit two deer with my car in the past year.)

Lynn is going to be doing some additional graphics work so we can pick up the pace of the game-making. She is also responsible for the awesome SharkArm logo at the top there. And also one of the new enemies:

We have been working onthe game as much as possible and even pulled a few all-night game working sessions but we have been too busy with school for the most part to get as far along as we had hoped by this point. We are moving forward though, and we recently had a surge in progress as we were trying to prepare a demo for the New Media's art display, but we ended up using Bravehorse instead.

See, we have been working on it.

As for the game we have added in a ton of new content like enemies and tile sets. I am almost finished with most of the game engine work so we are almost to the point of adding in all the content of the game. And that means we should have some videos out soon and probably a beta version of the game for a select group of testers to tell us what they think about our progress so far (so contact us if you'd like to help us out!)

We will be working on it as much as possible but development should really pick up once the semester is over so check back soon for updates!
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