February 2, 2014

Murder Island Intro

Welcome to the island of murder. A place where all living things must come to an end by way of MURDER. This island is not just surrounded on all sides by ocean, but it is also surrounded on all sides by death. Only at the end, when the boundaries between life and death are closing in, will you understand the true meaning of the MURDER ISLAND.

Murder Island is a game I've been working on for a little over a year now, on and off while I wasn't working on other things. It's a game about a group of prisoners surviving on a dangerous island. A murderous island as some would call it. It's an island that scientists have been using as a test environment for their strange living experiments. Now they are ready to see how their newly crafted creatures will interact with humans for scientific purposes. And maybe just a little bit of entertainment.

You play as the group of prisoners who have agreed to participate on an experiment on Murder Island in exchange for their freedom. There's only one catch: they must survive the island. You start the game being dropped of on the beaches of the island with the goal of reaching the radio tower to call in for help. If you can make it there alive, the prisoners will be free to return to society.

The game plays as a sort of simulation/strategy/RPG hybrid. It's kind of hard to describe in terms of genre so I'll just list some of the major influences I've had on the game:

Console RPGs
Roguelike Games
Final Fantasy Legend II
FTL: Faster Than Light
Oregon Trail

The two main aspects of the gameplay are managing your group on the main map and managing your group in combat.

Here is the main map:

(work in progress images)

From the main map you have the option of moving the group to a different region or taking individual actions for your group members. The individual actions include things such as scouting ahead, searching for food & items, resting, and things of the like. After the actions or movement is taken, there is a chance that monsters will attack the group based on the region's danger level.

Here is a battle screen:

In the battle mode, the group may choose to either try to run or face the monsters in combat. If you choose to run, you will run the risk of losing valuable food and items that you may need later. If you choose to fight you will have each of your group members choose an action based off of the current items they are carrying. Each item only has a certain number of uses so it is important to not waste your supplies. In addition to combat, an item may have a particular map action that is also helpful. Like a bow and arrow can also be used to hunt for food.

Another battle screen:

The monsters you face were created from the scientists experiments of fusing animals body parts together. In the game, the enemies are built randomly from a pool of body parts, so they are different every time you play the game. Each body part adds different abilities and stats to the monster, so looking at it's individual body parts will give you an idea of what you are up against and what you can gain for defeating it.

After each action taken, the game timer increases. At the end of each day, every member of the group must eat, or they will die. If all group members die you lose the game.

That is about it for the basics of Murder Island. There's more I want to get into, but I'll save that for a different blog post. I'm going to try to keep an active log for the development of this game from now on. So check back for updates!


January 17, 2014

Duck Pond

This is a small 48hr game I made for Ludum Dare 28 in December. You play as a mother duck who has to hatch eggs and protect her ducklings from danger. You gain points for keeping your ducklings alive and the more you have alive at one time the more your score increases.

Download Game

Download Source (C++)

Contest Page

I'm considering expanding this game into a 4 player game, but I'm currently working on a lot of other things right now first. Still planning on making a post soon about a bigger game I've been working on, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet!


December 9, 2013

2 New Games, Update, and Dedication to Post More

It's been a while since the last post, so here's a bit of an update on the games.

I finished 2 new multiplayer games. They are local 4 player games based around a simple game mechanic. I'm planning on releasing a collection of at least 3 of them together in a game pack for Windows and Ouya. I tried to do something new with each of them, and I like how they turned out. Here they are:


(click for full image)

A game about climbing to the top of a mountain and collecting the most  gems along the way. This one is a resource management game mixed with a fast paced racing type game. You have to collect gems to get points to win the game, but you also must collect resources (ice picks, spike shoes, bridges) to make it to the top. There are two types of obstacles: walls and slopes. To climb a slope, you use your spike shoes. To climb a wall you use ice picks. If you don't have any of a particular resource you can't get past the obstacle and make it to the top.

Human Fall:

(click for full image)

This one is a skydiving game. I was inspired by an Atari 2600 game, Sky Diver. You try to land your sky divers on the platforms and score points. The first person to land on a platform takes control of it and gets half of the points whenever another player lands there in the same round. There are also obstacles such as AA guns, blood thirsty birds, and giant water snakes that try to kill your sky divers. You can also knock another sky diver out of their parachute by running into them on the way down.

Other stuff:

- We released the Chicken Bandit on Ouya.
-  I modified my engine so I can now run my games on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, Ouya, and iOS
-  I've been working on and off for about a year on a new game (I'll make a post about it soon.)
-  Ludum Dare 28 is next week and we are planning to make some 48 hour games for that.
-  We're updating Fins & Flippers with plans to finally release it on PC and Ouya .

I'm planning on keeping this blog updated more from now on. I'm going to make a new post once per week to help me keep track of all the stuff I'm working on.


August 25, 2013

Lean Mikey's Mega Muscles with Lean Mikey

I just finished a new 48 hr game for Ludum Dare 27 with the theme "10 Seconds." It's called "Lean Mikey's Mega Muscles with Lean Mikey"!

Help Lean Mikey make an instructional home video on how to build quick muscles to impress the ladies. Take Mikey through a series of exercises and activities to maximize the number of ladies you impress.

Give it a shot!


July 14, 2013

Farm Dog

I just finished a new game for the GameBoy Jam! The game was made using the screen size and color restrictions of the original gameboy, like our other game, City of Doom. And it only took about a week to make!

You play as a farm dog named Scruff who is tasked with protecting the farm's crops and cattle from wild animals. To do this you must guide your rifle-wielding, mostly-blind, owner to aim his gun and blast the invaders away.



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